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Paper Quilling – Quilled Letter Magnets

Quilled Letter Magnets – Choose the letters you want. Each magnet is 1 1/2 by 1 1/2 inches.

The quilled letters are placed on cardstock and mounted on a frame mat. The magnet measures 3/4 in. diameter.

The choices are: Light Blue Background with Blue and L. Green Letters; Pink Background with Light Blue and Cadet Blue Letters; Light Green Background with Fuchsia and Leaf Green Letters; Light Purple Background with Purple and Pink Letters; Light Pink (Pink/Peach) Background with Fuchsia and Light Green Letters; and, Light Teal Background with Lilac and Dark Yellow Letters.

Here is the image of the quilled letter magnets:

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Paper Quilling – Quilling with Kids

Last Friday my students (fourth graders) worked with their buddies (second graders) to create Valentine Cards. We made a display card (card that can be folded and displayed). The students made some quilled pieces for their buddies to use as well as paper hearts. I made a lot of quilled pieces, mostly hearts and teardrops which the kids used in their cards. I’m really proud of my students – they were so patient with the younger kids. Some of them typed the note that the second graders prepared and mounted it on the back of the card. The kids who did not have time to type the note just folded it and placed it inside the card. I was so busy helping the students put their cards together that I was unable to take pictures of their cards.

Most of my students finished their cards today. Some had really elaborate quilled pieces. It’s really great to see students who usually have a challenging time with academic stuff be able to create and feel proud of themselves. They realize that they do have talents in other areas. My students who usually fly through the academic stuff found a new challenge when they quill. I have students (boys and girls) who really are enjoying what we’re doing and have decided to get their own tools and are working on their own quilling projects at home. Awesome!

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3d Origami – Chinese Venture Triangles

New project – 3d origami using Chinese Venture Triangles. I have seen pictures of this kind of origami and I wanted to try it out. The pieces that I have seen are incredible. I did not want to go and use origami paper that I have somewhere – or buy any new supplies. I had some store catalogs that had nice glossy pages with colorful pictures. Anyway, this was the first one so I was sure that I will be making mistakes. The first fold I tried, I did not “double fold” and so the triangle pieces were very thin. The catalog pages are thin so that was not what I wanted. I kept the triangles I made though and will use them to try out other designs. The triangles I made were still thin – but not too thin. I cut the pages into 3 by 1 1/2, then folded it so that I have a 3 by 3/4 inch width to work with. Right now, it is       2 1/2 inches tall with a 4 inch diameter. I learned a lot and figured out what to do and what not to do. Here are some pics of what I made. This is not done. I was thinking of making a little bowl for my keys, but then, maybe a pencil holder… Hmmmm…




As you can see, because of the paper I used, there are white spots where the creases were. I’ll just call it shabby chic (yeah, right!). I’ll just spray it with an acrylic sealant when I’m done so that I could preserve it. Hey, it’s the first one I made so I have to keep it for posterity!

 Here it is upside – down.


The view from above

I used 60 triangles for each layer. I have completed 9 layers. Lots and lots and lots of triangles – but, it’s fun!


I added links to some of the other pieces that I found on the net.

Now, back to my new quilling project…

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Paper Quilling – New Display Cards with Quotes

I’ve been planning to make display cards with quotes on them. Finally, I made a few and they have different inspirational thoughts. Sometimes, the less you say, the more impact you have…

The last card, I wanted the gold paper with hearts to represent music bars – song in your heart –

Anyway, I have more and I will post them as soon as they are ready. I have new ideas for more quilled art. I also want to go back to origami. I found some new ideas that I would like to try.

The Valentine project with my kids is slow moving right now since we are still working on our writing projects. We are reseraching and writing our speeches, too. Too much to do!!!






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