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Origami Bracelets – Inspired by Twilight

on April 7, 2012

Someone requested a bracelet with a design inspired from the movie, Twilight. So, I had to figure out what kinds of designs I can use. So, I came up with a few designs (yep, can’t settle for only one). Of course, after I showed her the designs, a friend of her had to ask for one that includes a wolf – hmmmm….

 So, here are the new origami bracelets inspired by Twilight


This design can be on one side or on both sides of the bracelet. Here are the other designs that can be mixed and matched – that means, each side of the bracelet can have a different design.

The quote says: The lion (pic of lion) fell in love with the lamb (pic of lamb)

Here are the images of the other designs:

I tried a bigger sized strip – the 1/2 inch was just too big I thought – the 3/8 inch was just right – looks like a cuff. 

 Of course, here’s the one with the wolf:

These come either with a fastener (Velcro-like, but not Velcro), or without a fastener. My other blogs show how to attach the bracelets.


* Choices on design (you can have the design on both sides or a different one for each side

* You can customize the bracelet with your own message/name

* Paper made from “rescued” book cover paper (book jacket paper) – stronger than regular paper

* Treated to make the bracelet water resistant (it is NOT water-proof) and will not fade

* Comes with 10 extra strips (to expand the bracelet later on)

* Comes in a special cardstock container

* Includes instructions on how to attach the bracelet and how to add (or remove) pieces


Sizes: (for 1/4 inch strip)

XXSmall – 5 3/4 inch circumference

XSmall – 6 1/4 inch circumference

Small – 6 3/4 inch circumference

Medium – 7 1/4 inch circumference

Large – 7 3/4 inch circumference

XLarge – 8 1/4 inch circumference


Sizes: (for 3/8 inch strip)

XSmall – 6 1/8 inch circumference

Small – 6 5/8 inch circumference

Medium – 7 1/4 inch circumference

Large – 7 3/4 inch circumference

XLarge – 8 1/8 inch circumference

There you go – now, I have to come up with a new design for a new idea…

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