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Dyeing Yarn

I finally found the pictures that I took last summer of the yarns that I dyed. I thought I had lost them!

Here are a few images of the yarns that I dyed.



The yarns have combinations of mercerized and unmercerized cotton, bamboo, and linen. I liked the way the linen makes it stronger. When the yarn is not yet wrapped in a ball, it looks all twisted, but once wrapped in a ball, its quite magnificent! The texture is great. The strands are twisted together. It would be challenging to knit, but great to crochet. I will post more information about the yarns I dyed and will probably have a few that I will sell on Etsy. I use Dharma dyes – they are great to work with. I like multicolored yarns and experiment with many different combinations. I try to dye about 1500 to 2000 yards each time so that there is enough yarn for a project. I can’t duplicate each color combination I make though – it does make the yarn one of a kind!

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