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3d Origami – Chinese Venture Triangles

New project – 3d origami using Chinese Venture Triangles. I have seen pictures of this kind of origami and I wanted to try it out. The pieces that I have seen are incredible. I did not want to go and use origami paper that I have somewhere – or buy any new supplies. I had some store catalogs that had nice glossy pages with colorful pictures. Anyway, this was the first one so I was sure that I will be making mistakes. The first fold I tried, I did not “double fold” and so the triangle pieces were very thin. The catalog pages are thin so that was not what I wanted. I kept the triangles I made though and will use them to try out other designs. The triangles I made were still thin – but not too thin. I cut the pages into 3 by 1 1/2, then folded it so that I have a 3 by 3/4 inch width to work with. Right now, it is       2 1/2 inches tall with a 4 inch diameter. I learned a lot and figured out what to do and what not to do. Here are some pics of what I made. This is not done. I was thinking of making a little bowl for my keys, but then, maybe a pencil holder… Hmmmm…




As you can see, because of the paper I used, there are white spots where the creases were. I’ll just call it shabby chic (yeah, right!). I’ll just spray it with an acrylic sealant when I’m done so that I could preserve it. Hey, it’s the first one I made so I have to keep it for posterity!

 Here it is upside – down.


The view from above

I used 60 triangles for each layer. I have completed 9 layers. Lots and lots and lots of triangles – but, it’s fun!


I added links to some of the other pieces that I found on the net.

Now, back to my new quilling project…

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