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Paper Quilling – Husking Tool aka Torture Device and Quilling with Kids

So… I used my husking tool (torture device) – the one I put together using toothpicks – much harder than I thought! It works for the pre-made husking templates but I need to make sure that when I create a husking design that there is enough room for the quilling paper. Anyway, I set that aside and focused on my other projects.

My students are getting the hang of quilling. We started making our “Valentine Cards” – for someone special. I also made some pre-made hearts that they could use so that they won’t get frustrated if the quilled pieces they make don’t come out the way they want them to. Quite a few of them are really interested and have gotten their own tools. That is great! It takes patience and they are learning that if there is a mistake they could just do it over or start from scratch. Some of them have invented their own paper sculptures. I will be taking pictures of completed work. This will be a busy week since we are working hard with our writing assignments.

I have a new set of cards with “inspiration” quotes. There are some quotes for friends and some to just remind us of some things about life. I am still having a hard time taking pictures – the lighting is just difficult. So, I decided to just get one of those “studio kits” – and hopefully the one I ordered will work fine. I should get it on Wednesday – new toy for me!

Pictures of new projects and of my kids’ (students) work will be posted soon. I still have kids who hang out with their knitting looms. Some need a little bit of help, while others just want to show what they have done.

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Paper Quilling – New Project Ideas

I have a list of paper quilling ideas that I can’t wait to work on. I liked the way my tree of hearts (autumn colors) came out so I wanted to try different colored hearts. This time I wanted to focus on spring colors.

Image of Paper Quilling Tree of Hearts – Spring Colors

Here is another image of the paper quilling art piece.

Image of  Paper Quilling Tree of Hearts – Spring Theme

The display card is in the clear plastic box. The box keeps it safe and makes it easier to mail.



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Paper Quilling – New Project

I wanted to make a card with the peace sign and I have two display cards that I made so far. The husking tool (aka weaving hand loom) is really handy. For this card, everything is made from the husking tool except for the heart.

Paper Quilling Project – Peace Sign

Here’s another Peace Sign




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Paper Quilling – Husking Tips and Ideas

The joy of paper quilling… I just started quilling a few months ago and I really like it. The effect of a completed art piece is three-dimensional and there are so many ways to manipulate paper. I also tried my hand in husking but found using pins tedious so I started thinking of a way to make it easier. So, I devised my “torture” husking tool. I have the templates from a husking set that I bought and made this:

 Image of Paper Quilling Husking Tool

I have to be very careful because the toothpicks are quite pointy! Hence the torture tool! It does work although I haven’t used it much because I had other projects I was working on.

The next tool I dismantled is my weaving hand loom. I used the loom that has pins that have the same distance from each other. Here it is:



 Image of Paper Quilling Husking Tool aka Weaving Hand Loom


Here is the weaving hand loom used as a husking tool:


Image of Paper Quilling Husking Tool aka Weaving Hand Loom


Here are some samples of work I created using my weaving hand loom/husking tool. I used the husking tool for the trunk and branches of the tree. What’s great is that you can change the shape of the quilled paper. You can manipulate the paper quilling piece and make it narrow or wide.


Image of Paper Quilling Art – Tree of Hearts
I wanted to show the colors of Autumn
One way to show nature in art
The trunk and branches were made using the paper quilling husking tool aka weaving hand loom
Image of Paper Quilling – Letter A
Here the paper quilling pieces show wide and narrow pieces
Image of Paper Quilling Letter B
You can bend the paper quilling pieces to form many things
I usually shape and pin the piece and let it sit for a few minutes so that it can take its shape.
I don’t glue anything until I have it on the mat.

Hello world!

Imagination is more important than knowledge (Einstein)

Image of Paper Quilling Art – A Dozen Hearts


Image of Paper Quilling Butterflies

Nature Inspires

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