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Class Quilled Art Projects

I’ve been so busy with school – assessments and completing projects for Open House. We had Open House last night – kids and parents had fun.

Here are three Class Quilling Projects that we completed. All the students contributed to the completion of the quilled art posters.

 Image of Quilled Art – Under the Sea


This is a class project (4th grade students)


Image of Quilled Art – Aliens!


Class Quilled Art - Aliens

Class Quilled Art Project (4th Grade)


Image of Quilled Art – Jungle

Class Quilled Art (4th Grade)


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Origami Bracelet – Justin Bieber Bracelet

This is a gift I created for… yes, a Justin Bieber fan (go ahead and squeal!.) Anyway, this is a sample of another customized bracelet. I once again used the 3/8 inch strips so that the pictures come out clear and crisp. One side has all the pictures while the other side has hearts. This is also not for sale – you really couldn’t and shouldn’t sell hand made things with pictures of celebrities or famous (infamous) people. It’s illegal and just not right. Anyway, I just wanted to share how the bracelet turned out to give people an idea of what a customized bracelet with pictures could look since my sample of the “family bracelet” had pictures of another kind of family – the animal family.

 Here is the image of the “Justin Bieber” (squeal) bracelet.


The recipient of this gift will be quite thankful.

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Origami Bracelets – Family Bracelet for Mom

Someone asked me to make a customized bracelet for Mom’s Day. It’s a “family” bracelet because she wanted the pictures of the grandkids on one side and then hearts with a message on the other side. I used the 3/8 inch paper strips so that the pictures could come out clear. Since I can’t post the picture of the bracelet here (privacy!) – I made a sample bracelet of what it would look like. This is a different kind of family though – but these are pictures of babies.

 This bracelet is a sample, and so is not available at my Etsy store.

 Here is the image of the “Family Bracelet”


Origami Bracelet – How to fasten the bracelet (without a fastener)

Here is a clearer image of how to fasten the origami bracelet (without a fastener)

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Origami Bracelet – Special Container

Here’s the special container for the origami bracelet. It has two pockets, one for the bracelet, and another pocket for the extra pieces you might need for the bracelet (to make it longer or just in case a piece or two might need to be replaced). It is made of cardstock. It keeps the bracelet and the pieces together and makes it easy to mail the bracelet.

Origami Bracelet Special Container

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Origami Bracelet – How to Add (or Remove) Pieces

So, you have your origami bracelet but for some reason you want to remove some pieces, or add pieces (especially if you’re a kid and the bracelet does not fit anymore). Here are the steps on how to add (or remove) pieces from your origami bracelet.

1) Look at the edge. This is the part you will work with.

2) Remove any piece between the two arrows. (The reason for this is that the ends of the bracelet have been especially treated and glued together.

3) Use a toothpick and gently push out one of the pieces. The paper (book cover paper) is strong but you still have to be gentle with it. If the piece tears, just replace it with the extra ones. I include extra pieces with any bracelet that I sell.

4) The first one is out.


5) Do the same thing with the other side.


6) Now you have two pieces of the bracelet. Add (or remove) the number of pieces you need. It must be an even number. When you add a pair, you add 1/4 inch to the length of the bracelet.

7) The “connector” piece must be added like this. Put both sides through.

8) Fold the piece, and then put it through the slot (second arrow).

9) The first part is inside. Make sure it goes in the slot. Now, do the same with the other part.

10) Push the last part in gently until it goes through the slot.



11) The bracelet is connected and the arrow is pointing at the “connector” piece.

There you have it!

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Paper Quilling Treasury List

I want to share a quilled art treasury list from Etsy:

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Origami Bracelets Using Book Cover Paper – Success!!!

I just love it when a plan comes together! Yes – it works. I received the art spray and began the next phase of my “experiment” – to see if it will work on the book cover paper that I am using for the new origami bracelets. I printed the design using regular ink cartridges (not the photo ink cartridge that I ordered) and treated the paper. After spraying it three times (just to be sure) I checked to see if the water will damage the design or the paper. What’s really cool is that the paper looks exactly like it should after being sprayed. The colors remained the same and it seemed like it was not sprayed with anything. Now, for the test – I dropped water on the paper, and yes, it did not go through – the water beaded – and after wiping off the water, the design and the paper remained the exact same way it was!

 Here is the image of two new designs using the “book cover” paper for the origami bracelets. I plan on using this paper for my other bracelet designs. The only difference is that this paper has a white background so I might have to change the background color for the other designs or just print it with a white background. More experiments to follow…

Origami Bracelets Using Book Cover Paper (similar to a book dust jacket)

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Paper Origami Bracelets – Bracelets that Fit Your Wrist Designs

Paper Origami Bracelets – Bracelets that Fit Your Wrist!


* Bracelets that fit your wrist (either with a Velcro-like fastener or without a fastener)

* Note that if you pull hard on the bracelet, it will unfasten from your wrist (as other kinds of bracelets will break). The bangle bracelet will get torn (it is made of paper). I have a blog entry that talks about how my fourth grade students tried out the bracelets in school to see how they hold up with rowdy 9 and 10 year olds!

* Original Designs

* Choices on design and background

* Treated to make the bracelet water resistant (it is NOT water-proof)

* Shipping Charges: $4 for up to 20 bracelets, add $1 for each additional 10 bracelets

* More designs coming soon


XXSmall – 5 3/4 inch circumference

XSmall – 6 1/4 inch circumference

Small – 6 3/4 inch circumference

Medium – 7 1/4 inch circumference

Large – 7 3/4 inch circumference

XLarge – 8 1/4 inch circumference

 I can also make bangle bracelets. Choose your size and design and let me know.

Go to my Etsy Shop and Click on: Request Custom Order

Here are the images of the Origami Bracelets that Fit Your Wrist!

Origami Bracelet - Best Friends with Multicolor Design on Light Blue Background

Origami Bracelet - Blue and Purple Hues on Light Blue Background

Origami Bracelet - Multicolored design on Ivory background

Origami Bracelet - Purple Hues design on Bright Blue Background

Origami Bracelet - Purple Hues design on Ligt Blue Background

Origami Bracelet - Purple, Pink, and Blue design on Blue Background

Origami Bracelet - Purple, Pink, and Blue design on Pink Background

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Paper Origami Bracelets – Bracelets that Fit Your Wrist!

I introduced my students to a new project – Paper Origami Bracelets using catalog magazines and other paper that can be reused. The kids love them! One of my students said that she wished they would fit in her wrist instead of being a bangle bracelet. She read my mind! So, I started a series of experiments on how to make the bracelet fit on one’s wrist. And, after many experiments, I found two ways of making these bracelets fit anyone’s wrist.

 The first way is to use a fastener, looks just like Velcro, but thinner than Velcro. I wanted to make sure that the fastener works and will stay put during the day. I asked one of my fourth graders to wear the bracelet for a day. It was funny because she reported to me afterwards that she played as she usually does and even did a lot of jumping jacks to see if the bracelet will stay on her wrist. You have to be careful with it though if you are wearing a long sleeved jacket and tend to push your jacket’s sleeves up and down. With normal wear, the bracelet will be just fine.

Here are the images of Paper Origami Braceles – Bracelets that Fit Your Wrist!

Now, I still wanted to find a way of attaching the bracelet without using any fasteners. After a few more experiments, I finally got found a way that works. Here are the images of how it works.

It’s really easy to put it on when someone is helping you. I wanted to see if it was easy for my fourth graders to put it on without any help. Here is the image of my student demonstrating how to put it on without anyone’s help.

Now, will they stay in your wrist? I asked five of my students to wear the bracelet all day. One of the girls said that it came off because she put her hand through the handle of her lunch box. Other than that incident, everything else was great. I had to help one of my students remove it – they don’t come off just by tugging on it (if they are put together correctly.

 So, I started out new designs (all original) for bracelets that I am offering at my Etsy Shop. These are fun to make and it’s great to be able to create new designs that could work with different outfits. Check out my next blog that has the images of the bracelet designs that are currently available.

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