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Origami Bracelet – Rainbow Design

Origami Rainbow Bracelet

 It took a while and I finally found the design that I wanted. Here is the origami rainbow bracelet.


Image of Origami Rainbow Bracelet


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Paper Origami Bracelets – Bracelets that Fit Your Wrist!

I introduced my students to a new project – Paper Origami Bracelets using catalog magazines and other paper that can be reused. The kids love them! One of my students said that she wished they would fit in her wrist instead of being a bangle bracelet. She read my mind! So, I started a series of experiments on how to make the bracelet fit on one’s wrist. And, after many experiments, I found two ways of making these bracelets fit anyone’s wrist.

 The first way is to use a fastener, looks just like Velcro, but thinner than Velcro. I wanted to make sure that the fastener works and will stay put during the day. I asked one of my fourth graders to wear the bracelet for a day. It was funny because she reported to me afterwards that she played as she usually does and even did a lot of jumping jacks to see if the bracelet will stay on her wrist. You have to be careful with it though if you are wearing a long sleeved jacket and tend to push your jacket’s sleeves up and down. With normal wear, the bracelet will be just fine.

Here are the images of Paper Origami Braceles – Bracelets that Fit Your Wrist!

Now, I still wanted to find a way of attaching the bracelet without using any fasteners. After a few more experiments, I finally got found a way that works. Here are the images of how it works.

It’s really easy to put it on when someone is helping you. I wanted to see if it was easy for my fourth graders to put it on without any help. Here is the image of my student demonstrating how to put it on without anyone’s help.

Now, will they stay in your wrist? I asked five of my students to wear the bracelet all day. One of the girls said that it came off because she put her hand through the handle of her lunch box. Other than that incident, everything else was great. I had to help one of my students remove it – they don’t come off just by tugging on it (if they are put together correctly.

 So, I started out new designs (all original) for bracelets that I am offering at my Etsy Shop. These are fun to make and it’s great to be able to create new designs that could work with different outfits. Check out my next blog that has the images of the bracelet designs that are currently available.

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